New year new beginning
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I am Shankar Lal from Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. I am a Businessman by profession. During my leisure time, I love clicking pictures of my family members enjoying their special moments and the beauties of nature.

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This picture was clicked when I saw my grandson enjoying marriage function in our family and he was very happy at that moment. I immediately took lot of pictures of him and this one was cute and memorable among all.

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Prem Kumar

I am Prem Kumar, a government school lecturer who loves to teach students to make their future bright. I love to take pictures around our society and showcase social reforms.

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This picture was taken in New Year celebration function at our school. I truly believe we need to educate girls because girls are base of our society and without them we can’t develop as a nation.

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Ramesh Kumar

I am Ramesh Kumar, a simple sober and nature loving person. I believe in ‘Simple living high thinking’. I like taking pictures of flowers, trees and other natural things.

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I clicked this picture on New Year when we were planting trees and flowers in our village to make it more beautiful. It is my dream to make my village most beautiful village in India.