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Photography is my passion since the very beginning. I used to notice photographers clicking pictures with their cameras and wanted one for myself too so that I could capture pictures and keep them as memories.

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When I was travelling through one of the villages in Karnataka, I came across this view showcasing the beauty of nature and captured it in my lens. At that moment, I felt villages are where true beauty of India resides.

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I am from Hyderabad and currently pursuing my B.Tech 3rd year from Osmania University. I always wanted to show beautiful things to the world, which developed my passion for photography.

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I was quite determined to click a beautiful image of the sunset. So I packed my gear and got ready to capture it in my camera. But to my surprise the golden hour was so astonishing that even a silhouette looked amazing. That was the first time I got satisfied with my captured image.

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My name is Rishabh and I am 24-year-old finance student in Dehradun. I love working on anything that has got technology involved with it and being able to gift back some memories in form of pictures is the best feeling, especially when all circumstances like lighting and emotions are in sync.

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During one summer night, I noticed a storm brewing nearby. I quickly grabbed my camera and headed to the rooftop. Standing in the middle of the storm, I took hundreds of photos and eventually found this great winning shot, depicting the weather as it was.